Conclusion: why WordPress

  • Those of you who read carefully the 13 platforms comparison, have probably noticed no other platform totally fitted with my requirements.
  • For my piano blog, Tumblr and Eklablog were the 2nd and 3rd choice. On those platforms I never managed to build exactly what I wanted in terms of menu. Also, Eklablog's design is less modern.
  • I had a kind of hidden agenda: I wanted to have an excellent platform for my HRIS. My piano blog was a pilot to move to a more ambitious blog. That is why I did the extra effort to build a complete blog on WordPress self-hosted solution. As I do not have to pay for my provider, the piano blog is totally free.

So now, why is WordPress to popular?

  • How popular is it? WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015. WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites(Wikipedia)
  • WordPress is an excellent example of the collaborative world of today. The basic platform can do a lot, and is free. No matter if your blog is hosted on or if you download the CMS on your server, both options are free. But that is just a beginning.
Logo WordPress


Thousands of code packages to integrate, enhance your design. Plug-able on most of the themes, mandatory for some themes. (Free or not free)


Thousands of design packages, free or buy

WordPress standard

An extensive and free content management system

  • Thousands of geeks, developers and businesses enhance it by proposing layers like themes and plugins. Look at my "architecture" schema to better understand
  • if you install the WP on your (provider) server, you can download the free themes and free plugins.
  • if you opt for the free solution hosted by WP, you cannot benefit from the plugins. That is the reason why I eliminated that platform (a plugin was necessary to upload MP3 files in the posts)
  • This immense network of people working for you 😉 and making money piece by piece at a reasonable price, provides security
    • that your blog platform will survive a lot of years (not like my ex-piano blog)
    • that you can benefit from numerous tutorials and forums on the web
    • that the new trends on web design as well as coding will be adopted and proposed
  • On the other hand, I am learning every day that this community of passionate people upgrade their piece of work regularly. Every day I have updates to run, on one or another layer of the architecture. For you, my beloved audience of HR professionals, who are all considering buying cloud applications, it is an excellent example of + and - 's of cloud 😉

What's next ?

That was it ! You can now either learn some more about Content Management Systems or read another Knowledge share 

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