My visit @ Learning Technologies showcase


Essay on e-Learning landscape

At the end of my 1st day at Learning technology, I was a bit confused about all those vendors. I was looking for an LMS to host a possible virtual learning website I would build. I thought the difficulty would be to evaluate the various LMS. That was not the problem. There were not a lot of LMS among the 250 exhibitors. The problem was to understand their value proposition. And then, and that is the worst, how to build a complete business by conglomerating them. How to make sure the puzzle would be complete, and avoid gaps between the various pieces?

Those who worked with me know I cannot live with chaos. The next day, I asked more question to comprehend how they complete each other.

Back home, I made on one-page resume as I adore to do. It's on the picture. If you are interested, contact me. I would love to share my thoughts with you.

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