AI for HR: what are the use cases ?

History of HR Management Systems

In the 1990s, companies needed integrated HR systems. ERP systems met this need.

However, these applications lacked user-friendliness. Moreover, they were very expensive to maintain. Since the 2000s, software publishers have been offering Cloud applications.

Neither of them have totally or permanently solved certain problems, in particular all processes based on Competency Dictionary.

In addition, other business processes such as Customer Relationship Management have benefited from the progress of Augmented Intelligence (AI) for their Chatboxes.

What challenges can AI solve for HR?

Competency management is the foundation of multiple processes: Recruitment, Talent Management, Personnel Development and even indirectly Compensation and Benefits. However, all companies have struggled to build their dictionary. Even if they have succeeded, the challenge of keeping employee profiles up to date remains. At best, they had the dictionary and the role description. Sometimes they manage to keep the employee profile up to date when customers require it (e.g. in the automotive industry).

In recent years, even keeping the dictionary up to date has become a utopia, as the skills required by the company are changing faster than ever.

As a result, there is no human being, or organisation, capable of managing this process on a continuous basis, in order to take full advantage of the functionalities integrated in the HR Cloud.

I believe this is the area where we can expect tremendous improvements in the future, thanks to Augmented Intelligence. This will impact multiple processes like Recruitment, Talent Management and Workforce Planning. Even Onboarding and staff Retention will be favourably disrupted.

The other area where AI can help HR is in the field of chatting. HR can draw inspiration from CRM for their employee relationship management.

Finally, facial recognition can be considered for time management instead of badges. But this process is rather on the borderline between facilities and HR.

Where to find more information or get (nearly) free education

I am sharing with you here the best sites I found for my self-training on AI for HR.

You can find technical initiation on LinkedIn. I remain a fan of LinkedIn Learning.

If you are more looking for the impact on the organisation and the general role HR can play in a "Cognitive Entreprise", I recommend the Josh Bersin Academy.

Don't forget the European approach as you will have to cope with the compliancy aspects. Agoria, the Belgian employer organisation for the technology sector, offers a straight forward training and will soon add modules.

If you want to stay informed and read regularly posts on AI for HR, I recommend the blog of my colleagues in USA: blue crab consulting

LinkedIn Learning


Josh Bersin Academy

Interesting blog on AI

What are the tools available on the market ?

In the coming weeks, I will publish posts on start-ups or well-established tools on the market of AI for HR. My objective is to help companies in their market study, when considering enhancing their HR landscape with the latest trends for Talent Management.

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