Question: why do I start this HRIS blog by talking about piano ?

Answer: I wanted to choose a blog platform based on fact-based selection criteria. Just like I do for my customers who need support to select an HRIS application.

As I already had a blog on the theme of my piano learning process, with more than 150 posts, I used it as a pilot phase for the selection, and to train myself on the selected platform

Requirements for the TO BE platform

Recognized as topper platform

Short listed by internet audience. Source : StyleCaster

Easy design

One of my principles is to stay in my core business and delegate the rest. I am not a web designer. As a result, I needed a platform which offers at least one satisfactory theme to present the posts


Can store a mp3 audio file of piano music. Max capacity : 5 Mb 


Capacity to link to youtube video and show a featured image


Possibility to have 2 levels in the menu, according to post category. Typically, for each level of the learning method, there is a book of lessons + a complementary leaflet of exercices


Meet all those requirements at no cost

What's next ?

In our next post, read the comparison of 13 blog platforms

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